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Web Music Downloader will help you download free music from the Web
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Web Music Downloader

Web Music Downloader will help you download free music from the Web. You may argue that it is possible to download Internet music with a regular web browser through a common search engine. However, you will probably get results including lots of broken links and songs that are not really free. This application actually filters results to provide you with a list of working URLs.
The interface is extremely easy to use as it includes just a few elements and options that support the general process of searching, previewing and downloading. In this regard, there are three ways to search for a song. Firstly, there is the standard search; just as in any web searcher you can enter the keywords that identify the searched song. A variant of this type of search is the Advanced Search, which will allow you to specify terms related to title, artist, album or edition. Secondly, there is the Hot Songs search. This time, the application will provide links to popular music charts, like Billboard’s Hot 100 and the BBC Official UK Chart. Thirdly, you can also browse music categories, such as pop, rap & hip-hop, rhythm and blues, soul, electronic and others. When you get the results, you can easily preview the song before starting to download it.
In general, in addition to the advantage of getting properly filtered results, Web Music Downloader is also capable of managing several simultaneous download jobs. The trial version has the disadvantage of not allowing the advanced search mode.

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  • It is easy to use
  • It filters results appropriately
  • It offers three search modes


  • The trial version does not allow to use advanced search
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